15 Inexpensive Upgrades for Your Home

Looking to save time and energy? These top 15 inexpensive upgrades can save you money on heating, air conditioning, and many other costly aspects of owning a home. Some of these upgrades are easy to implement, while others are more difficult. If you have questions, ask our Experts the best way to complete these upgrades.


1. Whole House Fan:Running an air conditioner all day can be expensive. Whole house fans cool down your entire home (including the attic!) while saving you money you would’ve spent running an AC unit. Cost: $150 to $550

2. No-slam Toilet Seat: Tired of hearing the toilet seat slam? Upgrade your bathroom with the addition of a no-slam toilet seat and live in peace and quiet. You can even upgrade to automatic toilet seats that close slowly and quietly on their own. Cost: $20 to $150

3. Double Pane Windows: Cut back on heating or cooling your home by upgrading to double pane windows. Not only do double pane windows preserve the temperature of your house, but they also cut back on the amount of noise pollution that enters your home. Cost: $50 to $100

4. Dishwasher: Let’s face it–dishes are at the top of the list of worst household chores. The good news is that dishwashers are inexpensive and they cut back on water usage. This is an upgrade that will save you a ton of time, and save the skin on your hands! Cost: $300 to $800

5. USB Outlet: Charge your phone with or without an outlet adapter with a USB outlet. These outlets are easy to install and super convenient. Cost:  $10 to $30

6. Automatic Timers: If you’re trying to cut back on your water bill, purchase a timer for your outdoor sprinkler system. With a timer, you don’t have to worry about remembering to water your lawn, and you don’t run the risk of watering your lawn for too long. Cost: $20 to $75

7. Sensor Light Switches: It’s easy to forget to turn your lights off when you leave a room. Sometimes the lights in your house can be left on all day long while you’re out of the house. With motion sensor light switches, lights will never be on in a room when you’re not there. Cost: $20 to $100

8. Programmable Thermostat: What’s the point of running your heater or AC when you’re not home? Programmable thermostats allow you to cut back on energy costs. By programming the times of the day that you will need your thermostat least, you can save a lot of money on unnecessary heating or cooling. Cost: $20 to $100

9. Faucets: Installing a new kitchen or bathroom faucet can brighten up a space and cut back on the amount of water you use. Don’t waste water just because you have an old, leaky faucet. New faucets are so inexpensive! Cost: $25 to $100

10. GutterStuff: Consider upgrading the functionality of your gutter by installing GutterStuff. GutterStuff keeps large pieces of debris from getting caught in your gutter by allowing only water to come through the gutter instead of objects like leaves and branches. Cost: $7 per 4 feet

11. Keypad Deadbolt: Climbing into your house through a window or the dog door is pretty unpleasant. Never worry about locking yourself out again with a keypad deadbolt. You also never need to make a copy of a key again. Friends and family can have access to your home whenever you decide to provide them with the code. Cost: $70 to $100

12. Bathroom Fan: Bathroom fans can save you from having to repair peeling paint or rust caused by humidity and condensation. You can even purchase bathroom fans that have humidity sensors and lights. Cost: $15 to $150

13. Shower Head: Update your shower head and save water while getting a massage! Low-flow shower heads provide the same water pressure as regular shower head, but they use less water. Your water bill will go down and your relaxation time will go up! Cost: $20 to $100

14. LED Bulb: These energy efficient bulbs are easy to install, and they are brighter than regular bulbs. Change out the bulbs in your home today and start saving. Cost: $5 to $35

15. Gas Burner Liners: Preserve the quality of your burners by protecting them with gas burner liners. You can easily fashion liners out of a roll of aluminum foil, or you can buy pre-made liners. Cost: $1 to $10


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