Do you know that house with the bright blue door that you love to drive by? The one everyone slows down to look at when taking an evening stroll? Maybe it’s the tall flowers or the boxwoods in sublime planters or the painted shutters or the paved walkway. Whatever it is that grabs the attention of all of those who walk by, one thing is definite–that house has curb appeal.

There are a few ways you can increase the curb appeal of your own home, whether it’s adding a beautiful pathway to the front of your home or planting flowers. Let us inspire you with our 5 best curb appeal favorites.

1. Make Beautiful Pathways

Pathways are a sure way to increase charm and curb appeal. Lead every visitor to your home with a warm welcome by creating a lovely pathway in whatever style matches your home, be it traditional, historic, or contemporary. Repair crumbling pathways and or upgrade with one of the many updated choices, including Classic Stone Sandcrete, which comes in a beautifully distressed look.

curb appeal

Brick and clay choices come in many finishes and variations, and are the perfect addition to almost any vintage-style home. Blue stone is another beautiful option for a modern look, and also suits historic Americana homes, including Cape Cods, Craftsman, Hamptons, and more.

Jim Fogarty, an award winning landscape designer, adds blue stone to the pathway of this home and uses brick to reflect the historic material of the residence. Modern homes also benefit from an artfully planned combination of materials like the pavers pictured above.

For a wide selection of pavers and pathway stone visit your local Home Depot or other hardware store. Home Depot also offers a DIY tutorial for patios and walkways. If this tutorial is beyond your level of DIY expertise, you can always hire a pro.


2. Add Welcoming Touches

If you are looking to sell your home, or simply upgrade, an important step is setting the scene for relaxation and hospitality. You want your visitor to feel at home, to imagine reading a book in the lounge area, having a family meal on the patio, or watching the sunset. Check out some of these cozy ideas, sophisticated set ups, and luxurious appointments!

curb appeal

We love this sweet hammock between two trees (can you hear it calling your name?), as well as the vine covered trees. This home is a green paradise. To get this look for your own front yard and porch add chairs, love seats, small tables, and symmetrically placed container plantings if you have the room. Adding candles and lanterns can also improve your home’s curb appeal, but do not overcrowd your porch!

Your home is a haven, and after a long day in the office, school, or indoors during the winter season, you need to get outside. Garden and enjoy your yard, and, while you’re at it, increase your home’s curb appeal! The very best way to achieve a welcoming home is to arrange comfortable chairs and a table that just says have a seat. Add some pillows to seating even.

3. Update Your Front Door

This amazing cobalt blue works wonders for this white home, as do the matching planters. This is a great example of making brights work for your home, and who doesn’t love orange trees? Looking to achieve this style? BEHR has an amazing selection of exterior cobalt-toned paints with several choices.

Southern Living bright blue front door

Have a look around your neighborhood–while you want to stand out and match or complement your exterior paint or siding color, you should choose a color that complements the general style of the neighborhood. Make sure your exterior of your home is also in great shape–the shingles, stucco, and siding should be well maintained.

Your front door says a lot about you, your home, and how you maintain it. Whether you just want your home to shine, or if you want to improve its resale value, consider painting your front door.

This coral door is a lovely touch and combines beach chic with traditional flair. This entryway not only has a great front door, but also lovely hydrangeas, which are always a great choice for a hardy, long-lasting flowers.

If you live somewhere that’s fairly bohemian or perhaps tropical with lots of equally colorful plants, you can paint the door a super bright color like lush purple. Be sure to test the color first! I love this plum tone, Dignified Purple, from BEHR, it’s a really sophisticated color.

Now, if you still want pop try one of the many pretty shades of blue, an universally loved color. Check out beauties like BEHR’s Aeagen Blue available in flat, satin, and semi-gloss finishes.

If your current front door just is not paint friendly, or if it is outdated, your curb appeal will instantly increase if you can replace it. Do your research and choose something updated (but in a style that complements your home’s era).

Super Curb Appeal

A young couple’s modernist LA home is warmed up by this beautiful wooden door with its geometric patterning, a truly original touch! Mahogany doors say luxe and long-lasting quality. Want classic flair? Check out Mara Marea’s beautifully ornate oil-rubbed bronze masterpiece with gorgeous iron wrought style.

Nothing says upkeep and maintenance like a secure, well-made front entrance. Your home should be welcoming, but also broadcast a sense of security.

4. Grow Beautiful Plants

Keep the front of your home neat and low maintenance. Planters are wonderful for ensuring easy planting, drainage, and a long lifecycle. Add height to your potted plants by stacking the pots on top of each other like in the image below.

Great container ideas include planting snap dragons for height. They come in beautiful colors and  are surprisingly hardy (they also work well as a border plant). Snapdragons bloom mostly in the spring and early summer, except in regions with very mild winters and hot summers, where they flower in the winter and spring. Just be sure to check the soil daily as container plants can become dry.

Take your cue from the lush style of English gardens and cultivate a climbing rose plant. Add a picturesque arbor or trellis to the front of your home and coax the plant to frame your entryway or gate. This is a classic look anyone can appreciate.

Wildflowers are easy to grow and maintain and a great choice for an area that’s bare or a little rough. Boxwood trees are also a popular option. Whatever you chose, maintain your plants by pruning them, watering them, and making sure they get enough sun and shade.

5. Accent With Window Boxes 

Window boxes look beautiful on almost any home. If you choose to adorn your windows with these beautiful planters, be sure to install them securely and as straight as possible. Over 100 window box styles are available at Home Depot, and there are a wide variety of hardware options including drilled fixtures, no drill, and even boxes suitable for vinyl siding.

The window boxes below are actually DIY! Home Depot and Remodelista came together to help homelover, Meredith, create these beautiful planters. To create these planters, Meredith used rough cut redwood lumber, galvanized #8 common nails, mounting materials, and a miter saw to cut the lumber.  Meredith cut the lumber herself, painted it, and mounted the box for this gorgeous look.

 curb appeal diy window box

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