These dream closets are breathtaking! The fashionista’s closet is a treasury of couture and creativity, featuring built-in architectural units that create organization and beauty. These walk-in closets are lush, stylish, and eclectic. Want the look for your own closet? Don’t we all!

Think of your closet as another room–even if it is small take the time to paint it, add shelving to it, decorate it, and personalize it with pictures and art. The best items to decorate your closet with are collectibles, pops of color, and wallpaper. A pretty closet will make you want to maintain and upkeep your wardrobe!

1. Bohemian Inspired: A Creative’s Closet

Creative blogger Cara Loren’s closet (designed by the amazing Alice Lane) is so much fun. It is filled to the brim with couture, shoes, purses, and beautiful things. This is the stuff of old-fashioned Parisian dressing rooms. It’s like a treasure chest and reflects her personality, taste, and sense of color.

Alice Lane's Design for Cara Loren's Closet

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Achieve this look in a smaller space by updating your closet light fixtures and adding color to one of your walls using wallpaper, paint, or fabric.

If you’re renting and don’t want to permanently change the color of your walls, you can glue vibrant fabric (that is perhaps similar to the curtains in this photo) to panels of hard stock poster board and then nail the panels to the wall using small nails. You’ll get the pop of color you’re after without losing any of your security deposit come move-out time.

Another way to achieve the look and feel of this closet in your own home is with shelving. Don’t just buy shelves and install them as is, go the extra mile and paint the interior of each shelf to make it look like the shelves pictured above.

The dark blue background of the shelves in Cara’s closet make her beautiful shoes and handbags stand out. She most likely never misplaces anything in this well-thought-out room. Don’t want to paint? How about mirrors! Gluing mirrors to the back of shelving can make your nicest items pop, not to mention mirrors can help you keep track of your things!

2. Refined Glamour

American designer Gail Plechaty has a talent for orchestrating beauty by balancing refinement with luxury. This custom closet and dressing room showcases fantastic details such as mirrored doors, a stainless steel counter, crystal knobs, as well as stylish gray cabinetry. The island has storage for folded clothes and accessories and includes multiple drawers on each long side for folded garments, lingerie, and accessories. The glamour of this space is offset by an understated use of cool colors.

Gail Plechaty's custom closet with mirrored doors, stainless steel, chandelier, Illinois @ traditional homes

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Although your closet is most likely much smaller than this one, it is possible to attempt this look in your own space. Most closets benefit from the addition of a dresser, even if only a small one. Add a dresser to your space and glam it up! Just like with the shelving in the previous closet, don’t just buy a dresser and use it as is. When purchasing a dresser, make sure you also update the drawer handles. Using crystal handles like the ones pictured above can give your space an elegant feel.

In addition to updating an outdated or uninspiring dresser, you can also add full-length mirrors to the inside of your closet. Mirrors don’t only help you decide what to wear for the day, they also reflect the amazing features of your space. If you go the extra distance to make the features of your closet pop, don’t hesitate to reflect those features all around the space with mirrors!

3.  Eastern Inspired Classicism

This custom closet by Jenny Wolf for a private residence is elegant and pared down, there is so much space not a single thing needs to be out. This design is for the type who likes a super spare look. The deep blue wood doors with lattice-work, gold knobs, and a regal bench are truly beautiful.

Long Beach Island Residence Closet by Jenny Wolf Interiors

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There is something to be said for putting everything in its right place! Most closets feature at least one exposed railing for hanging clothes. If you really like the look of this space, you might want to consider removing the railing and putting an armoire in its place. Some armoires feature drawers at the bottom that are very convenient for storing clothes and other items.

Like the first closet pictured above, this closet features one accent wall. Although this accent wall is very understated, it still brings elegance and beauty to the space.

4. New Orleans Nouveau

Designed by Lee Ledbetter & Associates for a private New Orleans residence, this bespoke closet is an elegant mix of contemporary lines and historic details. The antique French chandelier and historic window front complements the simple cubic cabinetry. Open shelving requires a level of neatness that’s not always necessary for closets with closed doors.

Contemporary Cubic Look from Ledbetter-associates @ Architectural Digest

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If you like to walk into your closet and immediately see everything you own, this might be the best option for you. However, if folding clothing neatly is not your strong suit (or your primary concern), you might want to go for the clean look of the Eastern inspired closet above.

Again, this closet showcases a lovely, updated light fixture that really adds elegance to the space. Consider adding an opulent fixture to your closet to make it more glamorous.

5. Haute Modern Closet

This gray closet from Ateliers du Sud is a sculptural take on closets and storage. The au courant built-in minimalist design is dramatic and functional and features a place for everything. Lovely object d’art meets mid-century modern utilitarian with a chinoiserie pillow, shag carpet, and a space age style modernist chair.

les ateliers du sud_Fitted-Wardrobes @

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Increase the coziness of your walk-in by adding a beautiful rug to the space. Everyone knows the uncomfortable feeling of standing on cold hardwood flooring in the morning while picking out what you’re going to wear.

Like in the image pictured above, purchasing opulent hangers also livens up your closet space. No one really likes the plastic hangers you can buy on the cheap. Updating your closet with silver or wooden hangers really gives the space a modern feel.

6. Gallery Style Closet

Glass doors with special lighting, sliding wood covers, a view of a beautiful landscape, and a modern ottoman make up the handsome decor of this space. Industrial style meets custom rustic modernism. Polioform specializes in gorgeous custom closet systems for the truly extraordinary home.

Polioform, Italy Closet, Armadi, 2014

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Similar to the New Orleans Nouveau closet featured above, this closet’s glass doors showcase every item you own. For those of us who like to see all of our clothing and shoes at once, this is a great design feature.

The rug adds warmth and appeal to this pared down space.

Images courtesy of Lauren Conrad, Alice LaneGail Plechaty and Traditional Home Jenny Wolf InteriorsLee Ledbetter & AssociatesPieter EstersohnAteliers du Sud, and Polioform.


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