We have brought you the best kitchen remodels of 2015. View five examples of beautiful simplicity below. Enjoy!

1. A Warm Welcome: The Farmhouse Kitchen

Let’s begin with a tour of one of the most popular remodel projects, the Alamo Farmhouse Kitchen, Designed by Leslie Kalish with co-designer Jennifer Hobson, LMK.

A stunning example of contemporary American style, this is a place where anyone can imagine visiting and living, and this is the key to its popularity. The open space plan, connection to outdoor life and welcoming style has earned this fantastic kitchen its place as the official People’s Pick and Judges’ Pick, National Designers Kitchen and Bath, 2015, as featured on HGTV. Enjoy!

The Farmhouse look is a popular style across America, and this gorgeous space with a generous floor plan immediately evokes the delight of rural life, warm home cooking and lively parties of friends and family.

This unusual space is distinguished by LMK’s blending farmhouse aesthetics with industrial style and an added contemporary panache. Designed for a family with young children who wanted to maintain a connection to natural living, this is one of the most popular “traditional” style kitchens. A view and flow to the outside makes for a welcoming space.

Special Features

The Alamo Farmhouse kitchen’s down home comfort feel is punctuated by a sense of drama and freedom: an opened ceiling made from a 100-year-old barn door is highlighted by expansive white tresses.

The kitchen shares space with a cozy sitting area and connects to the dining area. The superbly composed layout means beautiful natural flow both family gatherings and for large-scale entertaining. The large island opens to the family room, and there is a lovely farm table for family meals.

True to style, there is an updated version of the old-fashioned basin sink and custom mill work. Most of the appliances are concealed by the dual-colored cabinetry.

The color palette includes neutrals and earthy grays and browns, as well as metallic surfaces, and maple floors.

Deitrick Kitchen

The Alamo Farmhouse’s light infused space has a cozy feel achieved by the clever contrast between warm dark tones and sunlight, and the white beams, reflected in the metallic surfaces of the lighting and stove hood. No matter your décor preference, we know you would feel at home in this contemporary American farmhouse.

 2. Modern Family Kitchen with Chinese Lattice Inspired Décor

Yin Kitchen

Amy Lin Interiors’ detailed kitchen modern kitchen was designed by Amy Lin and co-designers Emily O’Keefe and Chris Papaleo. The tasteful, well-conceived space won first place in the category of medium size kitchen design, 2015 NCARB completion, as featured on HGTV.

This relatable story is actually about the designer’s own home! Yin and her husband finally had the chance to remodel their own kitchen after years of renovating other people’s homes.

Amy took her inspiration from Chinese artistic decorative motifs, adapting traditional wood window lattice-work into eight antique mirrored cabinets with beautiful intricate fretwork. This decorative theme was inspired by the Chinese wooden window screens of her grandmother’s home in Suzhou, China. In traditional architecture, lattice-work can be traced to the Han dynasty and is regarded as  more than a simple decoration or window coverings, rather, latticework is a mark of artistic accomplishment and prestige. Today, these patterns have already a long history of western and modernist adaptation and reinterpretation in design, fine art, architecture, décor, furniture, and interiors.


Yin also added other Chinese inspired materials including lacquer like black detailing, and mother-of-pearl inserts.

The kitchen is designed to suit the busy pace of a family, without generating clutter and allows for easy maintenance. Like many of the most popular kitchens, the room was created by eliminating walls, and is connected to the family room.

Special Features

Casement windows make for a bright kitchen and allow a view of the backyard, perfect for watching the kids while they are playing.

Other highlights include the flawless white engineered quartz counters and a grand island for family meals and entertaining. We also love the vintage style La Cornue black enamel stove with gold features and the fretwork pattern marble backsplash highlighted with granite and mother-of-pearl notes.

Other features include a custom-made mahogany cutting board, and upper storage in top cabinets as well as easily accessible storage units to encourage the children to take part in preparation, table setting and snacking, as well as a wonderful custom pantry with open shelving work counter, and floor to ceiling deep shelving behind door.

3. A Contemporary Danish Style Kitchen for a Chef by Garde Hvalsøe, Denmark

oak kitchen

This Dinesen carpenter kitchen is considered a masterpiece of wood kitchen design and was created by the design firm Garde Hvalsøe, Copenhagen, Denmark for the renowned chef René Redzepi’s home in Christianshavn, Copenhagen. Situated in a historic home, the artisan made kitchen is in beautiful contrast with the rustic architecture, white walls and timber beans. There is a warmth that is relaxing, as if visiting a weekend or perhaps a country house.

Special Features

A mixture of country simplicity with modern sleek design, this kitchen features white walls, wood, and natural textures. Because this custom kitchen was made for a chef, the emphasis is on preparation space and storage.

We love the one-piece cabinet along the window and the browned brass sink. The flawless patterning of the cabinet wood grain makes for a beautiful contrast between the rough timber of the architecture, and the lighter wood Dinesan floor. Dinesen wood is well-regarded for highly selective sourcing of oak forests in Denmark, Germany and other locations in Europe.

4. A London Beauty: Scandinavian Simplicity

Foxgrove kitchen

Nicknamed the “barefaced British beauty” and dubbed “possibly the most beautiful kitchen in the world” this ultra modern kitchen in South London has captured the imagination of many homeowners looking for inspiration, movie directors, photographers, and design aficionados. While totally different in design from the Alamo Farmhouse, this space has a similar effect on people, they want to come, and stay for a while, enjoy a meal, relax, look out the window, maybe stay forever.

High contrast natural materials and function is at the core of this nouveau interpretation of industrial style and pared down family friendly Scandinavian ease. A winning component is the open plan with a view of the garden, dining area, a perfect center for family and for entertaining.

Special Features

Effortless elegance and perfect pairing of a variety of materials allows for a tasteful ambiance.

The double rows of the minimalist black glass pane cabinets feature subway tiles, and complement the marble back splash and countertops and roughly hewn wood lower cabinets. There is a very generous black painted storage cabinet/ pantry as well.

There are also industrial style details, such the wall lighting, ceiling fixtures, and as well perfect rustic touches such as a vintage style stove, faucets, and bead board area as well as exposed brick. A built-in dish draining area is a great functional touch.

Apparently, no one lives in this beautiful home and it is often used for movies, and commercial shoots. Regardless it has inspired many, and is a favorite of 2015.

Visit more beautiful pictures of the entire gorgeous home on the location source sites: Shoot Factory and JJ Locations.

5. Modern Glass Framed Design: The PLE Residence Kitchen, Melbourne

Designed by Mim Design, the Melbourne PLE residence kitchen is part of a story of the firm’s transformation of an enormous Edwardian home remodeled almost entirely.

green kitchen



The outside view and integration of nature into the space through windows and white walls is a reflection of the designers’ signature holistic approach. Quiet palettes, and custom furnishings, the modern kitchen is connected to the family room with a glass pavilion.

Special features

White counters make for a clean look, and allow the saturated greens to reflect inside. Mirrors and the pavilion glass bring nature inside, and accents of green and black create a sense of unity. The wood floor is the perfect touch.

While the primary beauty of this design comes from the elegant integration of nature and cubic form, the kitchen has top quality appliances, and convenience features such a lovely Miele oven, cooktop, and dishwasher as well as a Franke sink with a Gessi tap, accented with Viridian toughened mirror back splash.

Marble plays a key role in this kitchen, we are in love with sculptural use of the slab jutting out like a in situ artwork for entertainment or casual eating with marble bench top. The black dining table and sitting area at the window has an expansive view to backyard and swimming pool.

The final 3 Best Kitchen Remodels of 2015 showcase inspiring luxurious settings and opulent materials.

6. Tradition Wears a Crown, Salerno’s Italianate Kitchen 


Designed by Peter Ross Salerno, Salerno, Inc. this remarkable kitchen is a jewel box focal point for the equally spectacular home. “Touch of Elegance” is an example of the Salerno Tesoro™ (treasure) design series that includes classic and old world design features blended with contemporary technology.

Special features in this series include the company’s signature colors, woods, molding, reclaimed tin range hoods, as well as reclaimed tin panels, all coming together in this kitchen to form a unique tableaux.

The client wanted a unique high style kitchen and the designer used decorative elements from all over the world to create a truly unique character. The three-generation design company, is well-known as the inventor of “extraordinary” spaces. Their design team is even required to train in cooking so they may understand not only the decorative principles but also the importance of working functionalism within the kitchen.

Conceived as a focal point for the home, the new spacing was constructed by removing a connecting hallway between the original kitchen and family room. This allowed the designers to include the paneled archway connecting the two important spaces.

Special Features

At a central position, the kitchen has three points of entry. A quatrefoil skylight punctuates the kitchen gallery with palatial style, while muted grayish green wood cabinets, with carved acanthus adorned columns, an ornate chandelier, and sculptural detailing are offset by the blue, yellow, and white tones. Mullion door cabinets flank the arch.

With remarkable symmetry the arch is centered with the stove, two islands and dramatic antique mirrored rosette ceiling, an astonishing feature, framed by acanthus leaf moldings. An ornate blue chandelier is suspended from the center of this showcase piece.

The cooking area is equally beautiful and features a blue La Cornue stove, a reclaimed tin hood, two curio cabinets, and a two ¼-inch-thick concrete counter top with a silver-gray finish to match the hood.

Somewhere between an Italian Palladian Villa, and the Rococo style of Versailles, every detail is considered and is exquisite. Hours can be spent looking at the architectural details, the symmetry and orchestration of the archways, entablatures, the scrolling carving, the lovely painting, and antique mirrors.

7. A Moroccan Inspired Kitchen


The inventive Moroccan inspired remodel of kitchen in Chicago, Illinois won first place at the NKBA 2015 awards. Designed by Brigitte Fabi, Drury Design, as part of the home remodel, this highly functional and creatively ornamented space drew inspiration form the client’s collection of Moroccan antiques including an antique door from Marrakesh. The Drury team began with the removal of some original interior walls for more flow and light.

Special Features

The kitchen features a neo-Moorish banquette with a sofa and eight seats. The hand-stained custom veneer panels match the walnut cabinetry, and there is a custom hand-etched glass panel fridge door and the Moorish arch is intricately decorated with a vein-cut marble and framed by custom walnut borders.


This décor takes it cues from the elaborate and imaginative visual style, architecture, and decorative motifs found in Moroccan villas, which in turn reflect the artistic tradition and achievements of Islamic culture.

To learn more of about contemporary Moroccan interior décor and history visit the Moroccan inspired Mimir Design site, including the amazing private villa photo collection and Maryam Montague’s blog.

8. An Exclusive Luxe Minimalist Kitchen by Studio Ko


Last, but hardly the least, this dazzling kitchen is designed  by the innovative French architects Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty of Studio Ko. This bespoke kitchen is part of a remodel of a two-story apartment in the Marais, Paris.

Luxe style meets jeweled minimalism, gold with blue sapphire walls outshines the ordinary kitchen. If you like the glamorous, take your cue from this innovative and daring design, even if it means just more metallics or chandeliers, go for the opulence! Eclectic, fantasy-driven, and imaginative, the interior reminds one of Chateau Marmount, Los Angles, saturated in storyboard glamor. This gold touch is very popular, check out the inventive designer Abigail Ahern‘s interesting blog about this trend.


Special features

include an alluring dark color palette with extravagantly luxurious materials, black cabinets, and industrial style elements like concrete contrast with shimmering gold-colored cabinetry. Forest like greens and blues are offset by the furnishings, including custom pieces and vintage finds.

A beautiful photo tour of the extraordinary apartment in its entirety is available at Vogue Living Australia 

Images courtesy of  HGTVLMK Interiors, Amy Yin InteriorsJoy Yagid Photography,  Garde HvalsøeJJ LocationsShoot FactoryMim Design, Shannon McGrath, PhotographerSalerno IncPeter Rymwid Architectural PhotographyDrury DesignEric Hausman PhotographyVogue Living, and Studio Ko.


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