Take a look at this selection of Easter decor and activities for you and your family. Don’t worry, I am not setting you up for an epic Pinterest fail! These activities are simple and not pricey.

1. Tree with Tissue Eggs

Simple and sweet, paper eggs made with newsprint and tissue paper is a really fun and inexpensive project.

shabby chic

How do you make these? Start by taking a cutting of a seasonal blooming plant, put them in your vase or pot, and fill with water.

Use old scraps of tissue in festive colors and printed material, like newsprint or magazine, cut into an egg shape. Layer the papers and sew with a matching spring color along the center axis. Leave about 8 inches of extra thread so you can hang the eggs and fan them out by the thread.

All you need to complete this project is seasonal-colored tissue paper, newsprint or magazine, thread, needle, and scissors.

2. Center Pieces with Flowers + an Egg Carton

Beautiful table centerpiece, modest and handmade, a great DIY with kids using flower clippings, recycled materials and more.

How do you make this? Arrange as you wish with egg cartons, hollow egg-shell, flower cuttings, mints, candles, soil, crocus flowers. Watch crocus flowers bloom, and make it into a lesson about the life cycle of plants, from bulb to flower.

3. Pretty Blown Eggs with Handmade Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoo eggs are so pretty, and not to mention unexpected, so if you are looking for something a little different and affordable–try it out!

Instructions are simple: just find your selected decorative images, save them, and resize the images in Word to fit eggs. Print out on temporary tattoo paper, and cut and adhere to blown out eggs.

Also pictured are cute kid-friendly tattoos by Frauelein Klein. And check out her lovely table top decor, pretty combination of the dark rustic surface with the rose-colored plate, scattered blooms, and the pretty embossed paper bunny!

4. Morning Surprise Table Setting for a Little One

The darling sweetness of this table setting and tiny grass planting with a little felted bunny is delightful!

What do you need? Simple crafters twine, an egg, soil, grass seed, a tiny toy bunny, ribbon, a toothpick, a hand-made paper tag, a pen, and glue. For inspiration, take a glimpse of the full table setting and flowers.

5. Bunny Jars

After Easter you can use these adorable jars to store craft supplies or toys. We are featuring the ever clever Torie Jayne’s tutorial and photos for our lesson.

easter decor

What do you need? Depending on how many bunny jars you want to make, you will need 3 to 6 bunnies (maybe a combination of sitting and standing bunnies as Torie suggests), 3 to 6 glass jars, pastel spray paint or craft paint (such as a pretty mint color, a sunny yellow, pink, aqua, or white), and superglue.

To create these cute jars lay down newsprint or another protective surface. Now, you simply glue the toy bunny onto the top of the jar lid with the super glue. Allow to dry. Spray the bunny and the lid with your spray paint completely, allow to dry. Now fill with whatever you wish: treats and surprises!

6. Finger Paint Chicks

How do you make this? Press your finger into a nice spring blue or yellow splash of ceramic paint and press onto dollar store bowls, add legs, beaks, and eyes, just as Lucy instructs!

East Decor Craft, by Lucy at Craft Berry Bush

What do you need? You need a sharpie, white or other spring-time colored bowls, ceramic paint, and your finger! Great craft for kids! Thanks Lucy!

7. Botanical Hand-Painted Eggs

And for some really graphic flair, The House that Lars Built features a wonderful DIY set of papier-mâché created by Brittany Watson Jepsen. She provides a full set of instructions, and has made us a board of images by the 18th century artist Mary Delany’s botanical illustrations, the driving inspiration behind this cool take on easter eggs.

Decorate easter eggs

What do you need? Acrylic paint, brushes, moss, pre-made papier-mâché eggs, and an egg carton. And maybe Brittany!

8. Geometric Cutout Paper Craft

How about this modern and easy craft, starring the adorable crafter on his mama’s Anu’s fun site Nalle’s House! Anu showcases lots of easy-to-prep and easy-to-realize craft ideas with a modern flair! Even a toddler can do this, and an artistic adult too!

easter activities and decor

What do you need? Construction paper, craft paper (you can use old wrapping paper and magazine scraps too!),  glue, and any frame if you wish!

9. DIY Easter Cards

North story made these fun modern Easter cards with some scrap paper, cookie cutter, glue, and scissors!  Love the modern look and colors!


Images courtesy of In DecoraHoli CoffeeNorskeinteriorFrauelein KleinHolly Matthis InteriorsCountry LivingMatejaD, Casa Trend, ItalyTorie JayneLucy, Craft Berry BushBrittany JepsenTrisha Zemp, PhotographerNalle’s House, and North Story.


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