We love modern country style, because it’s the perfect fusion of American tradition, rustic charm, and modern Scandinavian simplicity. This look is eclectic so, when updating your home with stripping wood, rustic touches, clean paint colors, styling, and DIY ideas, you can use things you already own to highlight existing features of your home. Think history, collecting, art, vintage, heirlooms, and modern touches!

From timber rafters, old-fashioned wood floors, stone fireplaces, barn doors, and open-plan living, this look is great for traditional homes, modern spaces and even lofts! Today modern country has moved away from nostalgia and has taken on a more global look, often including imported artisan made items, like Asian and Eastern rugs, Scandinavian modern furniture, Chinoiserie decorative pieces, woven baskets from South America and Africa, and much more. Go ahead and keep that wood burning stove, expose your brick, use your old table, and paint your walls bright neutrals.

Element 1. Contemporary + Up-Cycled Vintage Pieces

These rooms show inventive ways to up-cycle found items, old doors, vintage pieces, and heirlooms. We love the water container up-cycled as a sink, old utility workshop metal fixtures for this modern country kitchen, and check out the bright green cabinet.

Note the graceful mixing of different flooring materials, from stone to wood, as well as the contrasts between new updated furnishings and re-used vintage pieces. The up-cycled pieces add character, and the modern features like the beautiful contemporary shower allow the homeowner to enjoy today’s amenities.

Element 2. Beautiful Wood Features

Modern country style always features wood, whether as part of architecture, cabinets, decorative elements, or furniture. Favorite elements include exposed rafters, unfinished natural wood, as well as using wood for cupboards with contrasting textures like this rustic stone wall.

Wood rafters, geometric modernist wood table, and polished richly colored wood floor, offset by Scandinavian whites, curtain-less windows, and a touch of global style with those pretty chinoiserie vases! Like Nordic style, Modern Farmhouse, Shabby Chic, and other country-inspired decor looks, white wash, and bead board are also popular features. The buttoned up look of black painted furniture and doors has a retro look that charms and seems modern all at the same time.

Element 3. Stone Accents

Stone is a way to include the farmhouse look as well as integrate an industrial contemporary modern tone. A notable example is Ukraine designer Ira Frolova‘s designs for a Moscow Loft Apartment, a splendid uniting of modern elements with historic and the most lovely of rustic and vintage touches.

Modern country style

Stone features like this wall, and fireplace are a beautiful way to add texture, depth and sense of rustic history as well as modern flair. Neutral colors are another timeless feature of modern country style. Natural textures abound, from wood to stone, the colors make for a welcoming and calm atmosphere.

modern country style

Element 4. Walls and Soft Furnishings in Neutral Palettes 

Elegant restrained colors such as weathered earth tones, taupes, light and dark grays, and whites are favorites in modern country style homes. Warmth can be achieved with these tones if chosen carefully. Contrasting beautifully with wood, stone, and exposed architectural elements, these colors allow for a feeling of simplicity. Clean lines bring together rustic aesthetics with modern touches.

Modern Country Style meets Scandinavian Elegance via Fantastic Frank

All the same, no country style home is complete without some pop of color, or even depth of saturated dark tones, whether an accent wall, a handmade quilt, a red tea kettle, a blue or green wall, or a colorful artwork.


Element 5. Quiet Minimalism: A Warm Spareness

Artisan made or not, the objects and space of the modern country home is a place for living. Much of its aesthetic style or look evokes the rustic elegance of American farmhouses, Gustavian grays, and Belgian design. Axel Vervoordt, the well-known Belgian interior designer says of this sensibility:

“An art of living which can transform the ordinary object into an objet d’art and the everyday gesture into perfection–the fullness of emptiness.”

Reflected in many of his designs, the combination of modern motifs with natural materials, global accents, and the farmhouse aesthetic inspires.

Modern country style

Gorgeous deep gray blends the historic with the rustic with a farmhouse table, modern chairs, and bright light. Simple decor evokes a country feel and a soft minimalism.

Modern Country via Fantastic Frank

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