Old wallpaper can date a house immediately. No matter what you do to a space, if the wallpaper is outdated, the rest of the décor will look outdated. Although removing old wallpaper may sound like a daunting task, it’s really not as difficult as you might think. Take a look at this quick how-to and then get inspired with the modern wallpaper prints below!

Say Goodbye to Old Wallpaper

Before you even get started on your wallpaper removal, take a moment to make sure you have all of the materials you need.

Shop Before You Drop:

Drop cloth
Painter’s tape
Steamer OR
Liquid wallpaper remover
Putty knife
Wallpaper scoring tool


Now that you’re prepared, get started! Remove anything that is hanging on the wall or touching the wall you’re working on. This means pictures, furniture, and even outlet covers. Removing wallpaper is a messy job, so you’ll want to lay a drop cloth on the floor and tape it down.

The tricky part about removing old wallpaper is the adhesive that binds the wallpaper to the wall. This can be removed in one of two ways: with a steamer or with a solution of liquid wallpaper remover and warm water.

Using a Steamer

Follow the quick 1-2-3 guide below to steam away outdated wallpaper.

1. Fill the steamer with water and let it heat up while you put on a pair of safety gloves.

2. Hold the steamer plate against the wallpaper for several seconds to loosen the adhesive.

3. Peel off the wallpaper.

Using a Chemical Solution

This method is a little more involved, but just as doable. Follow the steps below and get closer to updating your room with new, modern wallpaper.

1. Prepare your solution per the instructions on your wallpaper remover and put on a pair of protective gloves.

2. Use a sponge to wet a small section of the wallpaper with the solution and let it soak in.

3. Peel the paper off in strips or use a putty knife to loosen the paper from the wall.

WARNING! Be careful when using a putty knife to remove wallpaper that you don’t damage the wall. If the putty knife slips and you gouge the wall, make sure to patch it appropriately. Check out our Home Guide on drywall repair to make sure you patch your wall appropriately.

wallpaper scoring tool

If you have particularly tough wallpaper and you’re having trouble removing it with this method, use a wallpaper-scoring tool. Hold the tool in your hand and roll the spiked wheels over the surface of the wallpaper. This creates holes in the paper that allow the solution to soak through more easily.

Final Touches

After you have removed all of the old wallpaper, give your wall a quick rinse with a clean sponge and warm water.

Let your walls dry and make sure all of the adhesive has been removed. Now for the fun part!

Modern Wallpaper, Modern Room

There are so many unique wallpaper designs available for the modern homeowner. You can choose to go bold, with bright colors and deep golds, like this beautiful, sweet potato mica clay coated wallpaper by Paper Flavor below.


Bold colors are in this season, and though this color combination of dark blue and gold might seem to be too bold for the modest viewer, it’s a trend you may want to explore. After applying this wallpaper to one wall, you may discover that you love the romance of the dark blue hues and the shine of the gold. Accent pieces, like the fruit in this photo, may also help integrate these bold colors into your home’s decor. If you give it a shot, but don’t quite like it, don’t forget that now you’re a pro at wallpaper removal! Take a look at some of the other trendy wallpaper designs below.

Other trendy wallpaper designs include unique, though subtle, patterns that still have a ton of pizzazz and drawings with a lot of character. Below is a selection of only five of the trendiest wallpaper designs on the market. Be sure to check out an explanation of these wallpapers below!


1. Puzzle Black

This black, textured puzzle wallpaper by Graham & Brown is sleek and glossy. The color implies simplicity in decor, as black pairs well with neutral colors like white and beige, and with bathroom hardware and furniture made of metal or wood. But this wallpaper isn’t just black–it’s textured. The puzzle texture makes the wall pop and gives the wallpaper the appearance of having varying shades of black and grey. Can’t you imagine it as an accent wall in a modern office or surrounding a white porcelain tub in a classy master bath? Add a bright green plant to the image and it just keeps getting better.

2. Avocado Green

Avocado green is the perfect wallpaper color in a foyer, a kitchen, a bedroom, or nearly anywhere in your home where you want to feel relaxed. The color green creates a calming effect, making this wallpaper perfect for a reading nook or a master bath. The unique pattern, designed by Flavor Paper, gives a new edge to the dated floral pattern of your Grandma’s wallpaper. Instead of soft-petaled pansies or begonias, this paper features a pattern that looks more like the thorny stems of roses or a mess of tangled brambles. The wallpaper itself is so natural, you may not feel a need for house plants in the room you decide to use it in!

3. Dia de Muertos Hot Coral

This funky wallpaper in hot coral will give any room a pick-me-up and definitely make a space feel more modern. The unique Dia de Muertos design, coupled with carnival scenes is not something you see everyday. First designed for a Mexican restaurant, this artistic Flavor Paper pattern would make any accent wall pop. Not to mention, it’s a great conversation starter.

4. Hand Silk Screened Damask

A hand silk screened wallpaper by Aimee Wilder, this beautiful damask pattern is elegantly subtle and a perfect companion to nearly any color decor. The grey and white base colors go with just about anything and the small pink and yellow hearts barely visible on the wallpaper can be brought out with decor of the same color. Consider using this wallpaper in your living room and adding a pink blanket and yellow pillows to your couch and chairs.

5. Mermaid Blue

Another wacky print that speaks for itself is this unique mermaid wallpaper by Graham & Brown. Though it’s difficult to detect in this photo, this wallpaper shimmers and would look great on the walls of a bathroom or a child’s bedroom. Hang only simple prints over this wallpaper and choose basic colored decor to make the wallpaper the vocal point of the room.



Image courtesy of 2modern.com


If you want to put up wallpaper that covers all of your décor needs, consider this picture frame wallpaper by Graham &Brown. This clever design provides you with the frames, all you need are the pictures! Fill in the frames with family photos, colorful prints, or personal drawings like in the picture above. It would look great as an accent wall in an office or living room. Or, if you’re a particularly brave homeowner, you can even put this wallpaper up in your children’s bedroom and let them creatively fill out the frames!

What’s Your Style?

Out of all these varying wallpaper designs, which one speaks to you most and why? Let us know in the comment boxes below. We love hearing from our readers!


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