Raul Rodriguez of Jerald Construction Co. and Vic-Rod Construction Co. has been a Pro Referral Pro for two years. Raul has a five-star customer rating and a Pro Referral Pro score of 100, so I decided to give him a call and learn more about one of our top-rated Pros. Take a look at the interview below!

Before becoming a home services professional, Raul got his degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting. Shortly after getting his degree, Raul worked in payroll at a company, but knew he wouldn’t stay in that position forever. Raul thought, “I can do more than this,” and he was right.

Raul’s background in business administration and accounting helped him get a leg up in the home improvement industry. His business training directly influenced his decision to start his own home improvement business, “I’m a business person. I’m selling my jobs to commercial and private homeowners. If I want to be in this field, I have to meet people, give proposals, and basically, sell my business.” Raul has been very successful as a businessman and a home improvement professional. He told me, “Lately, I have been getting more commercial clients, which is the goal.” The growth of his business is a testament to his professional skills.

He and his four-man crew have worked on some large projects over the years. The largest project they have ever worked on was repairing the deck of every unit in a 20-unit building. Each deck needed a new foundation and almost every deck had rotten wood. This large repair job took Raul and his crew one and a half months to complete. That’s roughly one deck built every two days! Raul said, “I’ve been working with the same crew for a long time. It’s important to find the right people to work with.” Another large project Raul and his crew completed in no time was painting the exterior of a large mansion in Northern California. The client needed the job to be completed in a short two weeks, and Raul and his crew met the deadline while doing a superior job painting the house. Take a look!

The house that Raul and his team painted in 2 weeks.

Favorite Projects

Raul has three favorite home improvement projects he likes the most. Check out the list below:

       1. Bathroom Renovation:

“I like to replace old sinks, faucets, and floors with new sinks, faucets, and floors and watch my clients’ faces when they see the transformation. Their expressions say ‘wow,’ and I really like that.”

       2. Painting Houses:

“Painting an old house can sometimes make it look brand new. Clients’ are always impressed when they see their house after it’s been painted. I really enjoy the shocked expression on their faces.”

       3. Hardwood Floors:

“I really like to do hardwood flooring. The best material for hardwood floors is cherry wood. It looks nice and it’s relatively easy to install. I really like bamboo, but it’s really hard to work with and it’s expensive. If I were updating the flooring in my house, I would choose bamboo, but I’d hire someone else to it install it! It really adds value to your house.”

Raul and Pro Referral

Over the years, Raul has had several repeat customers, six of which he first met on Pro Referral. He said “it’s music to my ears” when clients he’s had before call him to complete another project for them. Clients have told Raul that they call him to complete multiple projects for them because they like his work and feel that he’s trustworthy. In fact, the first time I called Raul to interview him, he was unable to answer because a client of his liked his work so much that he wanted to schedule additional home services with Raul and his team.

Raul became a Pro Referral Pro in August of 2013 and he says that it changed his business a lot, “I am thankful to Pro Referral for helping me meet several of the clients I’ve had over the years.” Pro Referral has helped solidify his trustworthy reputation in the market and he told me, “I’ll probably stick with Pro Referral forever.”

Raul’s Customer Reviews

Check out some of Raul’s great customer reviews:

“Raul and his guys are very courteous and professional. On the first visit, Raul thoroughly checked the hardwood floor under carpeting to make sure it’s suitable for refinishing, so there were no surprises or cost increases down the road. They did a beautiful job and earned our best recommendations!” – Misha, San Francisco, CA

“Raul was quick to respond and schedule work. The cost was very reasonable. The work was completed as scheduled and well done. We will definitely call Raul again!” – Nicole, Alameda, CA

“The service from Vic-Rod Construction was amazing. They hung a number of prints/pictures in our home. We were thrilled with the results. They were extremely patient with our requests and worked very hard to ensure that everything was perfect. We will definitely be using Vic-Rod Construction & Framing for other projects in the future.” – Melissa, Burlingame, CA

At Home


In his free time, Raul spends most of his time with his kids. In fact, while I was speaking to him he was on his way to pick his son up and take him to soccer practice, something he tries to do as often as he can. Raul said, “Time flies and they’re growing up so fast.” Sundays are reserved for spending time with his kids because, he says, “they’re my focus right now.”




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