Pro Spotlight: Steve Dorsey

Meet Steve

Today I spoke to Steve Dorsey, the owner of The Handyman Pros based in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Steve has been a Pro Referral Pro since 2012 and a general contractor and handyman for over 20 years. Steve entered the home improvement business as a young man working for his father’s insulation company. He was a general contractor for several years, but, when the market crashed in 2008, he had to reinvent himself and discover his hidden talents.

After the market crash, it was difficult to find work as a general contractor. The number of requests for large- to medium-sized jobs severely diminished and Steve found himself doing small jobs at greatly reduced rates. A friend of his at the time discovered brochures for a new and emerging handyman company in the area. Steve had never thought of working as a handyman. In fact, Steve had had no respect for handymen when he was a general contractor, because he supposed handymen had limited skill sets. After seeing the brochures for the handyman company, Steve thought, “I can do that, but I can do it better.” His ambition and drive paid off. Steve has been very successful as a handyman and even plans to add a few franchises to his company this year.

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Steve has worked on several projects for Pro Referral clients over the years, and he has worked with at least one of his clients for two years. Steve prefers Pro Referral to other similar companies, because Pro Referral is a free service that connects him with top-notch clients. He considers customers who contact him through Pro Referral to be referrals and not leads and has had good experiences with customers across the board. His five-star rating shows that his clients feel the same way.

Fun Facts

When Steve isn’t helping his customers’ fulfill their home improvement needs, he enjoys playing tennis, jogging, and spending time with his grandchildren. Steve isn’t just a casual tennis player, he plays adult tennis at the advanced level. Most recently, he ran in the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th, the largest 10K in the world with over 60,000 participants. His grandchildren are the focal point of his life, and he has included the first letters of their names, A and P, on his logo.

If you’re looking for a handyman and would like to work with Steve, view his full profile here.


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