There’s great work, and then there’s great work and great communication. One of our most beloved pros, Nimrod Franco — or, as everyone affectionately knows him, Franco — is all about communication. “The way to address the job — the way you explain, the way you communicate — it’s key with how to get along with people,” said Franco. “Being polite helps.”

The residents of the Plano, Texas, area are the better for it, and with more than 200 5-star reviews on Pro Referral alone, they seem to agree. Franco’s been doing home repairs and handyman work around the greater Dallas region for the last 12 years, starting first with maintenance requests of all types in apartment complexes. About 3 years ago, he started his own handyman venture, and he experimented with getting leads in a variety of places.

Before starting with Pro Referral, Franco used a few other lead-generation services, but his business predominately grew from recommendations. “I did some advertising with flyers and business cards,” he said. “But mostly I was growing from word of mouth.” And in a way, getting leads from Pro Referral helps him expand his word-of-mouth reach. “It’s been great [with Pro Referral],” Franco said. “The leads I get are good… and once I’ve done a job and the customer is satisfied, they call back directly to do repairs.”

Of course, Franco’s frequently working with customers who are in a bind: Something isn’t in working order in the home, and they need it fixed STAT. “A lot of times you get people in a bad mood, but if you know how to talk to them and address the situation, you get a good side of them and make them happy. I’ve had nice people; I’ve had cranky people. I try to do the best I can, and what I try to do is please people… I believe that’s what’s helped me to get those nice reviews.”

Well said, Franco. We think you might be on to something.


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