Remember, the work of children is play. It can be challenging to come up with decor solutions for shared bedrooms for siblings, whether you are rooming sisters, brothers, or a combination of both.

But we want to make it fun, so come on, dive in and explore these unique, practical and livable rooms. Most importantly make it a place your kids want to go: the bedroom should be a space that’s play friendly, and one where your children can spend time with their friends.

You don’t have to do a complete overhaul or invest too much money.  You can rearrange and reconfigure, repaint, refurbish, and more without spending a fortune. Enjoy these whimsical and stylish kid’s shared rooms.

1. Go Eclectic

Whatever your children’s favorite colors, animals, or patterns, you can create a homey, cozy, and fun oasis for your little ones. We say go eclectic, borrowed, repainted, refinished, and more.

Mokkasin and family living 2

Since kids can be pretty rough on household items, I love the mixed style look because you can swap an item that might be in the wash for another (such as a throw pillow) or in the least easily replaced item by an equally lovely and funky one.

A fun mood and eclectic collaging of styles means that your children’s favorite things blend right in and make the room super homey.

Much of the time, an eclectic style looks better with the mishmash of children’s things –be it a current obsession or their collection of rocks, figurines, old drawings, maybe a few sticks, and, in my kid’s case, about 70 Barbies in various states of disrepair and dress.

2. Make Crafting Centers

Make distinct crafting centers for art projects, homework, and play. For example, you can organize play centers around a dinosaur village, a train set, or dolls.

Use area rugs to plot out sections in a natural fluid way and to give your children a comfortable place to sit. Beds should be easily accessible, so they can get in and out on their own. Easily accessible beds also teach children how to tidy up and make their bed on their own.

For younger kids, some everyday storage should be within reach, and perhaps also add a few wall hooks for backpacks, bathrobes, and other things.

Design and Decor

3. Make Tidying Easy

You must plan how to make tidying easy before you create your shared bedroom. I always suggest first eliminating broken or unused toys. Next, separate all the toys into categories: trains go in one bin and all the dolls in another.

If your child cannot read yet, you can easily make up labels designating the toy groups using both the word and the picture. All shelving should be accessible to the child and close to the play center.


Designer Emma Persson Lagerberg’s amazing home has a great shared bedroom with lots of practical ideas. The children’s beds are arranged against the wall, side by side, which is super cozy and a nice alternative to bunk beds. The painted wood floor is also very practical.

Great under bed storage allows for personalized space, and a little bookshelf is always a nice touch for your little reader. Also, the artwork is so fun: the combination of framed work with a whimsical calendar and children’s art warms up the space.

Place laundry baskets in easy-to-reach spots and child-friendly under the bed storage is always a great touch!

4. Choose the Right Colors

This room’s palette is a lovely example of colors that make sense for shared rooms. These colors are primary brights paired with bright rich pastels. Children can easily reach the bed, and the classic charm of woodland decor is made even sweeter by the addition of vintage pieces. Isn’t the mushroom lamp, hand-made drawing, a white cuckoo clock, the tiny table charming?

Bright bedroom ideas from petitandsmall

This room is so stylish. I love these brights, geometric patterns and the curated selection of toys. This picture is a great inspiration for upscaling the new baby’s corner of a shared room. Green, turquoise, black, and white go together so well in this space!

Brights looks great with this deep charcoal. A wall painted a dark color can be warming and welcoming and a great choice for kid’s rooms. And we love the neons and geometric patterns. Mix and match these color palettes according to the gender or color preferences of the roomies.

Color scheme ideas @Casa de Valentina

5. Incorporate Animal Themes

Children of all ages love animals and animal decor details or themes are so fun and versatile! We love this line of elephant wallpaper from Waverly!

If you’re decorating a children’s room, you should remind yourself that it’s okay to play with the decor! This room has silly cats painted on the walls (notice how the cat’s tail on the right is painted onto the floor).

Also, creating a cozy nook like in the image below gives your children an additional place to relax and be themselves. Remember that kids like their privacy too!

Kids rooms @ Miluccia

Any little boy will remind you that dinosaurs are animals too! Dinosaurs and stripes are a fabulous choice for a bedroom shared by brothers.

Bright touches in a shared bedroom, via ascotfridaytypepad

Images courtesy of Live Out Loud Girl6th Street Design SchoolJonas Gustavsson, Family Living, Tiny MePetite LiteraryBoo and the BoyMichelle Carlslund ShopBoo and the BoyEmma Persson LagerbergTell kiddoPetit and SmallDesire to InspireCasa de ValentinaMiluccia, and Ascot Friday.


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