Why DIY when you can DIFM?
Abandon Social Media for a Year56%
Give Up Watching Favorite Sports Team36%
Stop Dining Out35%
Give Up Yearly Vacation Days23%
Give Up Sex for a Year20%
27%Hired a Pro

We’ve spent a lot of time looking into the reasons why you DIY. Sometimes, you don’t have the skills or the tools or the time to do it yourself. We call this DIFM: do it for me.

And what are the reasons more Americans are choosing DIFM over DIY? In a survey we conducted with the help of Kelton Research, we found out some interesting — and provocative! — information about what people will do (and what they’d give up) to avoid doing their own home improvements.

First things first: One in 10 homeowners who have attempted DIY projects around the house classify the experience as a “disaster.”

From there… Nearly 25% of homeowners wished they’d hired a professional while they were attempting their DIY project. (Twelve percent of these reluctant DIYers also vowed to never DIY again!)

Of the homeowners surveyed, almost 40% said they spent more time than they’d originally budgeted for the project they tried to DIY. And on the unfortunate side, 23% of respondents admit to fighting with their spouses during the course of the project.

And what would the average American homeowner give up to have a home-service pro at their beck and call?

  • 56% would stay off social media for a full year
  • 36% would give up watching their favorite sports team
  • 35% would stop dining out
  • 23% would hand over their yearly vacation days

And the kicker? Twenty percent would give up sex for a year in order to have on-call help from a home service pro.

Shocking? Maybe not. Employed Americans are increasingly at a time crunch — 27% of respondents say they hired out because they simply did not have the free time to put toward their home projects.

So, the question remains: What would you give up for a little DIFM freedom?


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